125LIVE. A Unique Celebration Of Contemporary Photography.  Dray Walk Gallery, London. October 2015.  Luminescence 62.


F295 Salon Exhibition,  Pittsburgh PA, USA.  2015.


Talenthouse,  West Hollywood, California, USA. 2015.  Wave.


ART14,  London. March 2014.  Wave.


Art13,  London. March 2013.  Wave, Luminescence & Light Trace.


Titanic Quarter (Pump House),  Belfast.  September 2012.  Multiple projections of Luminescence.


Eleven40 Gallery,  Malvern, Melbourne, Australia.  2011.  Luminescence.


Four Floors,  MadArt Gallery, Dublin (Photo Ireland Festival).  July 2011.  Luminescence and Wave.


Odyssey Pavilion,  Belfast.  2006.  Kinesis.


Waterfront Hall,  Belfast.  March/April 1998.  Images Of Dance  (Three floor exhibition).


Slaughterhouse Gallery,  Clerkenwell, London.  October 1991.  Ignition.


IMMA (Irish Museum of Modern Art),  Dublin.  September 1991.  Ignition.






DESTE Foundation for Contemporary Art,  Athens, Greece.


Anita Choudhrie,  St. Moritz.


Nachson Mimran,  Alpina Hotel, Gtsaad, Switzerland.


The Art Collector / The Linveco Cultural Foundation,  London.